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Motivation For Photographers: Evaluate Where You Are Zig Ziglar

Start Your Upcoming Photography Workweek  Right! Video Length: 5 Minutes 53 Seconds – Blog Post Length: 251 Words As a young freelance photographer with my first full time run of steady business in the Fall of 1987, Zig Ziglar cassette tapes were a regular part of my travel. I believe that I covered 7 states…
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Motivation For Photographers: PUSH THROUGH IT – Motivational video

Start Your Upcoming Photography Workweek  Right! Video Length: 4 Minutes 50 Seconds – Blog Post Length: 354 Words Workweek 2 of the new year (2016) is coming up. Are you already losing motivation for your 2016 photography business goals? If so, snap out of it. Remember, it is possible. That's exactly what this short video will…
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