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What One Thing Can You Do To Propel Your Photography Business?

Now that I have your attention with the headline, I'll give you the answer to the question: There is NO ONE THING that you can do to propel your photography business. Sure, some photographers have hit it big with Instagram or other social media or landed large clients through things like direct mail. However, unless…
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3 Free Things Any Photographer Can Do Today To Improve Brand Awareness

Whether you are a new photographer trying to build a brand or an established photographer with a brand, the 3 things that I will discuss briefly in this post can help you build your brand awareness. Although they are free from the financial standpoint, they do involve a time commitment. As the saying goes, time…
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Blogging Takes Commitment And Falling Behind Is So Easy

So this will be a different post than most. I usually focus on photography, video or some kind of business advice that will help photographers. Well, actually this post will help photographers or anyone that tries to blog on a regular basis. At one point earlier this year, I was 3 weeks ahead on blogging.…
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