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Although David is EXCLUSIVELY a corporate and commercial photographer & videographer, he got his start doing consumer photography and photojournalism in the early 80's. David received his first 35mm camera for Christmas in 1981 while still in High School. In June 1982, David photographed his first PAID wedding. David was also paid to photograph High School sports for the local newspaper while still in High School.

Formal Training: In the Summer of 1982, while still in High School, David attended a Summer Photojournalism program at UNC Chapel Hill. In 1983/84, David began working with a photographer that did editorial work for major publications as well as a lot of stock photography work which was thriving in those days. David attended Randolph Community College in the mid-80's which has a long standing reputation as one of the best photography programs in the State of North Carolina. Soon after leaving RCC, David started his own business doing work in the College and University arena for schools like Wake Forest University as well as Family Portraits and Weddings out of his studio in Raleigh which was within 2 miles of his current location. As previously mentioned, David is now exclusively a corporate and commercial photographer.

Passion for People Photography: David has always had a passion for photographing people. He later transitioned into his current core area of photography focusing exclusively in the corporate arena which includes large events, corporate photography for company websites and trade-shows, corporate video production, commercial photography, executive headshots, headshots for professional use and other non-consumer photography. David has literally photographed thousands of headshots in his career including many company CEO's, President's and Executive Staff of multi-million and even multi-billion dollar companies. At this stage of his career, he definitely knows how to work with people during a photoshoot.

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