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The K.E.Y. To Better Photography Is To Do This Often…

K.E.Y. Keep Educating Yourself The #1 thing about the digital photography age that bothers me is that someone can buy a nice consumer photography kit, get a business card printed and they are magically a turn key photographer. A nice consumer camera does not magically give someone the skills to be a good photographer. Notice, I didn't say great photographer: I simply said good photographer. The camera will help produce better results in "Program Mode" than a phone camera will most likely and allow the photographer to be taken more seriously when charging for a photo session by pulling out his or her shiny new camera with the impressive looking kit lens. However, the real key to becoming a good or even great photographer is to KEEP EDUCATING YOURSELF.

Seasoned veterans should and likely do keep educating themselves on a regular basis. It's even more critical for someone just starting out to learn as much as he or she can about being the best photographer possible with the equipment and skills he or she has. It's true that someone can learn by doing: shoot refine, shoot refine, shoot refine. However, using online and offline resources beyond learning by doing is a great idea.

Here are 4 photography resources to get started, but by no means is it all inclusive.

1) KelbyOne

2) Creative Live

3) Karl Taylor Photography

4) Digital Photography School

Learning about Business and Marketing is very important as well which is even more for the new photographer to dive into. The biggest single piece of advice that I have here is to seek SOUND advice and avoid something that sounds to good to be true like "We'll get you to the Top of Google for just $99."

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David Williams

Short Bio About The Author: I'm David Williams a professional commercial photographer focusing on corporate and business clients with some personal branding, lifestyle photography in the mix. My love for photography began in late 1981 while still in High School. I started making money with his camera in 1982. Brenda, my wife, and I started working together in photography in 1988 shortly after we met. Brenda and I married in 1989 and have two adult daughters. Please be sure to get a quote for services if needed. Call or Text: 919.723.8453. Please reach out to connect with me on LinkedIn.