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Using Unique Angles to Create Perspective in Photography

Photography is an art—it’s all about looking for subtle things that you can do to show a scene in a way that forces the viewer to see it differently. One of the cool things you can do to add some creativity to your photography: experiment with unusual angles or camera placement. Composition is one place where you really have some room to explore, and changing up the angle is a really simple way to find new perspectives.

Shoot from an elevated position.

Lunch Talk photo high up

I carry a monopod with me to on-location shoots; you can get one inexpensively. A monopod allows you to lift the camera up 10 feet in the air and get some really neat angles. If you stand on a chair and use a monopod, you can extend this effect even further. Often, the end photo looks like it was shot from an even higher elevation due to natural optical illusions. I used a monopod to shoot the photo below, and the elevated effect makes the room look larger.

Shoot along a textured wall.

I do a lot of head shots and creative photo sessions upstairs at the Wake Forest Coffee Shop. Part of the reason why I like doing shoots

Marcie Trivette wall

there: they have an indoor brick wall that makes for a nice backdrop. Brick walls work especially well for two reasons. Their rough texture creates beautiful effects with light and shadows; and also, it’s easy to vary the angle of the wall relative to the subject. As you can see in the photo here, shooting at a diagonal allows me to create a “fade” effect. The focus is fixed on the subject, and the bricks become gradually softer as they fade away.

You can play around with plenty of other angles. You have a 360-degree sphere to work with. The next time you’re looking for a way to compose a photo in a unique way, see how many different angles you can try. You’ll be surprised at just how much you can alter the look of a photo by changing this single variable.

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