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Video Results With One Pro Camcorder & One Videographer In Lumberton NC

Below is one of our latest videos from an outdoor event that we did both photography and videography for in Lumberton NC. One of the key things that appeals to companies that hire us is that we can do both professional photography and videography under one roof. We also have in house video editors.

The video above was shot by our lead videographer John for an assignment in Lumberton, North Carolina while I covered the photography portion of the event. Although we can have a large team on site, there are some professional videos that can be completed with one videographer and one professional camcorder.

The footage above was shot over a period of 4 1/2 hours. Then, one of our in house video editors spent several hours sorting footage and completing the final video that you see above. In this case, the client had ZERO changes after reviewing the video. I received the following text from our on site client contact: "Just saw the video and it was perfect!! You two knocked that out of the park!!!!" Yes, most of the time there are at least minor revisions to the video, but we love it when there are no changes.

Each video project is different, so just because one project can be successfully completed with one videographer and one professional camcorder doesn't mean every project will work that way. We like to find out the clients needs, goals and budget to come up with a solution that will be a good fit.

The way we price our videography services is typically an hourly rate, half day rate or full day rate for the videographer (in this case John) and an hourly rate for the post production video editing. However, for video, we are willing to provide the RAW footage and have our client handle the editing. There are some projects that we will just quote a flat rate because the scope of the project is so well defined that we can lock in the full rate from start to finish.

Whether you need one videographer and one professional camcorder or need a team, we are here to help. If you are just stopping by our blog to see what we are up to, we hope you visit the blog again. Please feel free to use the SHARE icons below this post and/or feel free to comment.

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David Williams

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